Wednesday, September 28, 2011

10+6+14=30 That's How I did Math Today

Daunting - that's the word to describe my workout scheduled for today. D.A.U.N.T.I.N.G.

Sure, just write "Run 30 Miles" on the schedule for Sept 28th and think I will just plop it into my calendar like it's just another day. Yes, I am aware I am training for an Ironman and that, in and of itself is daunting. But you work up to it. 50 mile bike rides followed by 3 or 4 mile runs gradually turn into 100 mile bike rides followed by 10/14/16 mile runs. It's a process of teaching and training the body and brain to adapt, get stronger, recover; and do it again. However, no matter how you work up to it, 30 miles is a lot of running. Marathons are 26.2 miles and in training for one of those the typical long run is 20-22 miles. So why 30? Believe me, I've asked, and I've been asked that by many who knew that was the plan.

 Well, whether it was a wise or foolish coaching strategy. IT IS DONE!! And because I was able to do it, I vote the coaching strategy was WISE. Sure my knee and IT band are achy, I'm on ibuprofen at the moment and icing my knee while wearing my compression pants; but I just ran flippin' 30 miles today! A marathon and then some. The mental advantage and confidence that has, and will give me on race day is valuable beyond measure.

The Break Down of My Math
10-  I started at 6:40 am - because of light, that is about the earliest I am willing to start on about the only flat trail in the south Denver area. I ran the first 10 miles alone and was fueling every 30 minutes and feeling pretty good. I was purposefully going slow in order to make the day as pleasant as possible for the duration. the first 10 went by pretty quickly and I met one of my girlfriend at 8:15am.

6-  She had an hour to run with me and we did 6 together. Those 6 flew by. I was still feeling great through those 6 and we talked the whole time. I haven't run with Erin in a little while so we had lots to talk about and catch up on. It was fabulous. I went through the fluids in my fuel belt in the first 16 and switched to my Nathan backpack after that.

14- About 9:15am we got back to our cars for her to go and for me to meet my other girlfriend who was going to run the rest with me (bless her angelic soul!), 14 miles left. The last 14 were harder than the first 14 to say the least. Julia is a serious lifesaver and motivated me throughout the run. She would have loved to be running faster and is truly a saint to repeatedly commit to run with me when she knows I will be slow! When I hit 26.2 we acknowledged that I had just run my 3rd marathon, and we kept going. The last 4 miles were the hardest of the day. With each mile I hit a new personal record. I was feeling every step in my knee and was willing myself to get to the end. With one mile to go, we upped the intensity to finish strong, striding through. As SOON as my watch clicked 30 miles - I stopped. I was not going to stop before that, but I was not running any further.

=30 - I am so glad that I was able to run the whole 30 miles and that it is under my belt now. I am ever grateful to friends who are willing to do hard things with me. 

That is more valuable in the long run than anything else I could have done today.


  1. Awesome job Rachel! You are doing great and I hope the last few weeks of training go well! I am so excited for you!

  2. Dude!! Sister you are an insane ladY!!!! I can't believe you ran 30 miles!! Nice work, keep it up!